Thursday, October 20, 2011

Please Don't Touch Your Librarian...

Yesterday when I was personally kicking patrons out aka trying to close on time, a patron wrapped herself in her sweater and mentioned that it was, "absolutely freezing" in the library.  As she walked by, I agreed and told her I have learned my lesson and that I have back-up sweaters in my car. 

Apparently, she thought I was not fully comprehending the situation so she quickly reached out and touched me.  "MY BUBBLE!  YOU'RE VIOLATING MY BUBBLE! --- I NEED AN ADULT!!" 
I still get the chills when I think about her cold, thin fingers wrapped around my hand.  Lady, c'mon now, give me a head's up at least.  I vote that we follow Mensa's Guidelines for Physical contact... tl;dr Mensa people use color coded stickers to show their level of hate openness to random physical contact.  
They're a smart bunch right?  I really think they're onto something here, now I just need to find the biggest yellow stickers available.


  1. I HATE when I take money for prints and they do that creepy reverse claw move and scrape my palm with their fingernails! Yuckyuckyuck!

  2. Egads, during the money transfer, I let an awkward pause settle in until they give in and just put the money on the desk.