Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Don't Always Get My Way in the Library...

I don't always get my way in the library but when I do, it's for something trivial like 'Scratch and Sniff' bookmarks.

One day I was IMing my friend at another branch, when she asks me if I sniffed the new SRP scratch and sniff bookmarks.  Scratch and sniff bookmarks!?!?  And no one has told me we had them because???  I told her to hold on and jumped up from my cube to talk to the YS librarian who was working the info desk.  I asked her if the SRP bookmarks came in and if she has smelled them.  She gives me this weird look, "Why would I smell them?"  Because they're scratch and sniff duh-doy.  So I opened up a box and took a big whiff.... nothing.
Some kid's going to be getting one scratched up bookmark...

I took it back to my desk and tried scratching at it, nothing.  So I sent a message to my friend asking if this is some cruel librarian SRP virgin hazing prank or something and she goes, "Wait, what do your bookmarks look like?"  So I sent her a pic of the scratched up one and she replied that theirs has bees on it.  Well, la-dee-da fancy ass branch with their smelly bookmarks to give away.

I guess the YS librarian must have felt some pity after seeing my utterly dejected expression, because after my shift on the info desk, I walked back to my cubicle to find the bookmark catalog opened up to this page:
Hells yea, we're getting some smell-goods!
We ended up ordering the popcorn, cotton candy, and watermelon ones.  We will be saving them for the kids that complete the summer reading program and me of course.


  1. There are so many things I want to say about this.

    1. I appreciate your use of duh-doy. Not sure if it's a plus or a minus that I now always hear that in Britta Perry's voice.

    2. What did you expect an astronaut bat to smell like?

    3. I have a scented pencil that smells like rootbeer. It's called a Smencil. I never use it and keep it in its little plastic case because I don't want it to lose its smell.


    1. 1. I love Britta, even though she's the worst!

      2. Spacey? Batty? I imagine what Buzz Aldrin would smell like, Moon Dust and kickass.

      3.I want a root-beer Smencil!

      4. Hells yes, of course you can have some smell-good bookmarks! Did you want the "honey" one too? It actually reminds me of my Grandmother's make-up table.

  2. They won't let me get the scratch and sniff bookmarks.

    1. That sucks, just say you "accidentally" ordered them instead of the plain old non-smelly kind.

      Would you like me to send you some smell-goods too?