Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Save the Library You Must Trick the Public...

Not sure why I'm just coming across this video now, it should have been plastered everywhere library related.  But it's a pretty damn good example of what can happen when someone successfully markets the library.

So I can get life-saving
surgery at the Library?
I never liked the phrase, "Cutting Libraries During a Recession is like Cutting Hospitals in a Plague"... No it's not, it's not even close.  Hospitals and libraries are not equal entities.  Unfortunately, some used this as their battle-cry which only works for those who already believe in libraries. Any normal tax-paying citizen will look at you like you're some nut.

It's bad enough they don't support the library and all that it does, trying to scare marketing them by referencing one's health and well-being is not a step in the right direction.  It won't catch anyone's attention, well, at least those outside of the library realm.


  1. This is fabulous!! Some really depressing comments on the video though...

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, you're bound to get polarizing opinions with the internet, hopefully the educated and balanced ones will outshine the ignorance.