Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Short-Lived Teen Librarian Career...

With our youth services librarians busy with SRP and related book talking, they asked if I could help them go through donations to see if there is anything we could add to your YFIC collection.  I really feel bad for the YFIC demographic, I feel like our library system, as a whole, is neglecting them. 

This was only the first cart of many teen books to go through.  It was pretty ironic getting tasked to do this because I just read a Smithsonian article on how pink and blue came to define gender in society: 'When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?'.  Just after going through this one cart, my retinas were seared.  I liken it to being out in the snow on a sunny day for awhile and when you come back inside and everything white appears pink.


  1. Actually our YA section isn't a sea of pink here. It looks all dark and gloomy.

    1. Hey MISS MISFIT,
      Yeah, the few shelves we label "YA" is pretty abysmal, just the Twilight series alone takes up a few rows.

      Which reminds me: *note to self* Weed YA Call Numbers "MEY"...