Monday, June 18, 2012

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand...

It's been 6 months since graduating and still no full time librarian job, but this was expected.  It took my friend a little over a year after getting her MLIS, so that is what I am marking on the calendar as desperation day ground zero.  My parents have mentioned going through their network to see if they have any possible leads or connections.  If that isn't awkward/embarrassing/sad enough, one of my ex-girlfriend's offered to take a look at her company to see if there's any relevant positions for me.  She recently texted me out of the blue because she had a dream about me and asked how I was doing, obviously not so well in the job department.

I'm contemplating starting up eBay/Amazon/Craigslist hustling again, but the profit margins are no where near the same with increased seller fees, PayPal fees, and shipping costs.

Now on the occupational back-up list: Baked Goods.
Limited Edition Nike Fondants:
Two-Tone Pink/White and White/Red Color way
This past weekend my mom held a baby shower for my sister (her first baby--woot!) and she asked my friend if she could make cupcakes for the event.  For what I lack in the cooking skills my friend more than makes up for it and I wasn't going to let her slave away by herself.  Although, my "helping" usual involves taking orders, cleaning stuff up --- usual my own mess, and other non-technical procedures such as placing those sugar pearls on the frosting.  I did make 1/4 of the booties shown below.  I think they turned out pretty well considering I had a hand in it.
48 Shades of Diabetes

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