Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's too damn cold for this library stuff...

I'll have you know that I did get out of bed last Friday, drove into work, arrived early as usual, and I only cursed 15 times during my commute.  Some people should just stay at home if they do not know how to drive in any weather that doesn't involve the sun shining and dry conditions.  On top of that, these slow driving morons on the road don't even clear all the snow/ice off the top of their cars.  They just hit the highway and let the wind do its thing, leaving everyone driving behind them to dodge the icy remnants.  Punks.

If this freezing cold weather wasn't bad enough on its own, the library heating wasn't running at its full capacity.  One of the boilers was not working and the one that was, was only heating to 80 degrees when it should have been over 100.  Needless to say, I wore my jacket the whole day.

I guess I couldn't really complain because while I was in the break room trying to warm up with a Cup 'o Noodles, I saw this au pair passing by outside, she was really working for her money that day.

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