Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Patron Complaints

The branch manager forwarded an email complaint that a patron sent through the library website about staff conversations disrupting her experience at the library.  It was sent while I was working at the other branch, so I definitely know she wasn't complaining about me.  I admit several of my coworkers do not possess the "inside voice" but does that mean we are not allowed to talk to each other while working the circ desk?

I have several issues with this particular patron even though I've never met her.  Her email is full of attitude, I'm know she has a right to be upset but she could have been more tactful.  First lesson to learn, is that any emails with sentences in ALL CAPS LOSE ALL RELEVANCE.  This last line really irked me: "
Treat the patrons like WE matter and like we DO have something to do with a small portion of your paychecks."  Second lesson to learn, just like librarians ask patrons to keep their voices down, patrons can do the same.  If she had such a problem, why did she not ask to speak to a manager.  Instead she had to email the higher ups which means the issue will be blown out of proportion we will have to take a vow of silence while we are on the circ desk.

Second lesson to learn from all of this, the branch manager should have redacted the patron's email address instead of forwarding it to the whole branch.  The first Google result brings up a website for an escort advertisement page.  She apparently charges $150 for a half hour and $250 for a full hour.  I'm not a tax expert but I don't think my wages are paid with taxes from any prostitutes' paychecks.

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