Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Public Libraries = Bathroom for Homeless People.

 My mind is a receptacle for useless movie and television quotes.
And thanks to 'Modern Family' I have another one to add to my library folder.

Claire:  What do you think the public library is for?
Haley:  I thought that was a bathroom for homeless people.

I wish 'Parks and Recreation' would come back on, they were always good for a library bashing.  Instead we have that stupid 'Outsourced' show.  No lie, I really did enjoy the movie, but the television show is just horrible.

I also like the Australian television series, 'The Librarians,' but I wouldn't want to see it become a mainstream show in the States for various reasons.  Most librarians I know do not have a, let's say open sense of humor and they take offense to anything that makes fun of the profession.  Have some humility people!  More importantly, anything that goes mainstream tends to "sell out" so to speak, and faces backlash.  Let's keep this library bashing on the down-low. 

Oh, unless your IP address is in Australia you can't stream the videos.  But you people are librarians with librarian research skills, let's just say that there are ways to watch the series.


  1. I still haven't gotten a chance to watch The Librarians, I have my hacker friend working on getting me all three seasons, but he is having a problem getting me season one.

  2. I love the show, it doesn't really rely on making fun of patrons which I assumed it would. In fact, I don't think they've ever made fun of stupid patrons, maybe they're saving that for Season 4, 5, and 6... Let me know if you're friend falls through.