Sunday, November 21, 2010

Top Gear Review: Stuck in Neutral...

I am grateful for all things British: fish and chips, The Office, and Aston Martins to name a few.

But the American-ized 'Top Gear' is pure rubbish. I am not even halfway through watching the premier episode and I am utterly ashamed. I love the o'g BBC Top Gear and this one is a disgrace.

The scenes and editing are just not as slick as the BBC version. Bring on the fish eye lenses.

The hosts have no personality. The show could use some attitude a la Anthony Bourdain, some balls like Andrew Zimmerman, and some humor like Mike Rowe (sorry for the Travel Channel references but its the best I could do).

And for a character that doesn't say anything, I feel like they've ruined The Stig. Don't ask me how, but the U.S. Stig sucks.

For being the country that brought automobiles to the masses, this show is the Model-T version compared to the BBC's DB9.

To the wardrobe department, enough with the plaid, good grief, the rest of the world will think Americans dress like the Brawny guy.

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