Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mo' Library, Mo' Problems...

My branch is newly remodeled, just re-opened last summer.  It is twice as large as the old building, from 3 internet PC's to 20.  We are still getting the oooh and aaah compliments from patrons who only visit when their internet is down.

Now that the building has had time to settle and put through its paces, the flaws are starting to come through.  A few of the hanging signs have decided to break free and swing dangerously above patrons' heads.  Good job to the person who thought of having sharp cornered metal signs hanging above!  Whenever the front doors open a blast of cold air hits the circ and info desk unabated, that and it seems that leaves tend to prefer the lobby than the outdoors.

Now the phones are on the fritz.  "Can I hear you now?"  --Actually no, I couldn't because your calls won't go through.  I never realized how much slower the day goes by on the desk without getting any incoming calls from patrons.


  1. I wish they would remodel our building.

  2. I am pretty lucky to be working at a "new" branch, everything is so new and shiny.