Monday, January 9, 2012

New year, same old Library bullsh*t...

People will still claim that this year will be the demise of the public library as we know it... Much like they did last year and the year before.

People will also say that this is the year that physical books will apparently cease to exist all of a sudden, think of dinosaurs and a metaphorical "digital" meteor.

Librarians will still try to change the profession's "image" and the definition of the "library" with a dizzying, and futile deluge of marketing spin.  Are you familiar with the phrase "You can't polish a turd"?  I'm not saying either is a so-called "turd," but these attempts at re-branding are complete BS.

ALA will still push their propaganda about the "graying of the profession" without understanding how supply and demand works, or without any concern about the facts of the current and future job market.  They will also make big deals about trivial matters while ignoring any real threats to their proclaimed "Key Action Areas: Advocacy, Diversity, Education and Lifelong Learning, Equitable Access, Intellectual Freedom, Literacy, Organizational Excellence, and Transforming Libraries."

Hopefully, the Mayans are right so we won't have to deal with this same old crap next year.

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