Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well, Exccccuuuussssseeee Me...

This afternoon I noticed a little girl who seemed like she was looking for her parent, I think she's around 5 or 6 --I'm really bad with gauging kids' ages.  When she walked by the info desk I asked if she needed help finding someone.  She nodded and followed me as I walked around the info desk to walk with her.  I try to remember patrons' faces when they walk in, but the school's were out and all of the kids were at the library so I had no idea who I was looking for.  So I asked her, "Are you looking for your mom or dad?"  She pauses to look at me like I asked her if she prefers Transformers Generation 1 or Beast Wars and replies (very snobbishly for a wee one mind you), "I'm looking for my au pair."

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