Friday, January 13, 2012

You want your tax forms, here's your stinkin' tax forms!

Right when I make my last post about the day being uneventful I answer the delivery door to this.
Looks like someone went order-happy when it came to tax forms this year.  What a waste of paper...


  1. Makes me glad I work in an elementary library!! Though, someday... this picture could be considered an antique.. with online tax forms and all :)

  2. I'll take the "I need help setting up an e-mail account because I've never used the internet" patron over storytime any day! Youth services just isn't for me... NOOOOOPPPPEEEEE!

  3. Well I am actually in a schhol, elementary school. Love it! Though I do think being in the publc library would be refreshing!

  4. Instead of dealing with 12 year olds, you'll be dealing with grown-ups who act like 12 year olds... Welcome to the Library!