Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Many Library Workers...

How many library workers does it take to "ooh and aww" over a picture of kittens in party hats?
5, not including myself who stepped out of my cubicle to document this typical library distraction.
I swear, kittens are the krytonite to any librarian.


  1. Tis true. Kittens are the best way to distract librarians.

  2. We've got to keep this under wraps, lest we want all those old creepster guys buying their way into our coworkers hearts with kittens.

  3. Ah, cats. A guy that works with me loves to get on cat blogs and look at cat images. Many of them grace our computer desktop backgrounds.

  4. I would change the desktops to something about alcoholic cats, but I'd be worried that my coworkers' productivity would take a dip as they'd stare at it for hours on end.