Sunday, January 30, 2011

Library Mismanagment --- Starts at the Top!

Library management sucks, from the Page Manager all the way to the Director.  It is mismanaged to hell.  There is no better proof than the events of last Wednesday. 

Schools were closed, libraries were open.... shocker.  We had a circ meeting so EVERYONE was scheduled to work, only one person called out.  Some coworkers called her out during the meeting, saying that, "certain people call out, because they can."  Karma came back to them when it took them 6.5 hours to travel less than 10 miles home that evening, oh and the power was out too.

Library management decided to close early at 6 but then realized they effed up and changed it to 5.  They made their oh-so-benevolent decision at 4:53.  The following day, you would think that they would cut the library some slack, nope, not even a 2 hour delayed opening and of course schools were closed again.  If that wasn't a kick in the balls already, NONE of the parking lots or walkways were cleared.  So my county wide coworkers got stuck in the parking lot, ON THEIR WAY IN.

So what lesson did I learn from this ordeal, besides the fact that "Thunder Snow" is real --- that a Library Media Specialist position looks like a viable option.  I wrote this on a coworkers windshield on my way out, but I'm fairly certain that by the time they left it was already snowed over.


  1. Word. Never am I more jealous of the library media specialist when I wake up and hear all those closings, especially in my county where they close at the rumor of bad weather.

  2. Yeeeeaaaa, about that, no offense, but your County's school system is like a hypochondriac when it comes to calling out, "Oh did you say Oregon Trail? I won't be able to come in tomorrow, I have dysentery."