Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starbucks New Logo and Strange Mermaid Sex.

I was a marketing major, so I pay attention to random stuff most usual don't care for, like this evolution of Pepsi and Coke logos.  

Starbucks recently unveiled its new logo and suffice it to say it really isn't "new" so to speak, just updated (de-worded).  It really isn't a dramatic change at all.  Guess after the updated Gap logo fiasco, Starbucks didn't want to push the envelope.

I was on the circ desk when the book to the left caught my eye.  I really don't know why it did (naked lady?), but I ended flipping through it to see what it was about (pictures of more naked ladies?).

I found the disturbing picture below:
The caption was as equally disturbing, "Siren With Fish in Her Vagina."  I understand the purpose of captions and yes, I do see that the picture is of a bass trying to get some mermaid ass.  But could you please explain WHY it is in her va-jay-jay to being with!??  Seriously, what is the symbolism?  I should go back to the stacks and look back at the book to see if there is an explanation for this aquatic freakiness.

It seems as though Starbucks is slowly changing its logo to focus on just the siren's face and not the fact that she is spreading her tail for just any flounder, herring, or salmon.  The secret is now out, this underwater horizontal tangoing duo has been fornicating on everyone's chai latte cup.

Maybe the most disturbing fact about this horny fish is that it is sculpted on a bench.... a church bench.


  1. "Siren With Fish in Her Vagina" - Ahhh! Though I don't patronize Starbucks frequently, I doubt I will ever be able to go there again without having this come to mind.

  2. Yeah, I'm not a big Starbucks person either, I fail at ordering. Now, on the off-chance I would go, I am going to have to bring my own cup.