Friday, January 21, 2011

The IRS Hates Trees...

Good grief, it seems like every other phone call is about a patron asking if we have the tax forms in.
I pass their call onto the information desk. 
Yeah, I know the answer but the patron obvisously and impatiently did NOT listen to the automated phone system and punched the first option ("Questions about your Library Account") which routed their call to me.  So they are punished for their ineptitude and are subjected to listening to classical music while on hold until someone at info tells them, "No, and no, we do not know when they will come in."
Yeah, so you want your tax forms?  I've got your stinkin' tax forms, you can find them in the dumpster in the back of the library because apparently the IRS did not proofread their printed instructions. 
They now have to destroy more forests so you can try to have all of your taxes written off this year because of  your "generous" and over-inflated donation to the library, which consists of old, moldy National Geographics and People magazine.

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