Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost and Found: Vampire Slayer Kit.

To whomever left your vampire slayer kit in the branch, you can pick it up from the Lost and Found at the circ desk.

First off, this bag wasn't all too big in size, but it seemed extraordinarily heavy.

Curious as to why, I (and my coworkers) had to take a peek, it was not hard to miss the unique wooden cross which happened extremely sharp ends.

It was never claimed by the time the library closed, here's hoping that the owner didn't get pwned by Count Chocula.


  1. What the wha..?! I dont' even know.

  2. LMAO. That is the best found item in a library ever.

  3. Yeah seriously, this is almost as suspect as finding a whole woman's outfit: shoes, pantyhose, undergarments and all, in the public men's room.

    Funny thing is, is that the items are no longer in the Lost and Found, but I've asked all of my coworkers and they didn't hand the bag over to any patrons. It just upped and disappeared.