Monday, February 21, 2011

Library Social Planning Committee...

I am now the one and only unofficial member of the "Unofficial Social Planning Committee" for my branch. 

A few coworkers met up last night to have dinner and watch 'Cedar Rapids.'  In all honesty, we could have skipped the movie and ended up talking all night.  The movie wasn't really all that funny, we turned it into our own personal Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Only one Info person came out, but then again I only told 2 of them about it, my other Info friend was stuck at home with her husband and son.  It has been requested that I set up the next hang out at the local bowling alley.

On another note, two more foreign movies to recommend: 'The Troll Hunter' and 'Tropa de Elite 2.'

'The Troll Hunter' is a low budget Norwegian flick about, well, troll hunting which makes it very unique in that respect.  The mock documentary style isn't new but it works well with this movie.  Besides, modern trolling is only referred to pesky online forum users, this brings back the Grimm-version.  The CGI isn't the greatest, but the Norwegian scenery makes up for it.

'Tropa de Elite 2' is a bad ass Brazilian action movie about police corruption in Rio de Janeiro which makes it completely plausible.  The whole movie reminded me of the Favela map in MW2.  Hopefully it won't matter that I watched the sequel first.

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