Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Management Memo of the Week...

This week's management memo has to deal with our County issued ID badges.

Apparently, it is advised that we do not wear them while we aren't at work.  It goes on to state (indirectly) that the public is stupid, and that they might think we are on official county business while shopping.  You don't want to be stopped in the produce aisle and to be asked where the restrooms are, do you?

Once I walk out of the exit at work, the first thing I do is take off my ID badge.  I assume my coworkers do not do the same hence the reason for this e-nag.  Who wants to broadcast where they work anyways?  A workplace "name tag" is a 'Dealbreaker' anyways.  Until I can use my library ID badge to get a discount at the kabob place next door, you won't see me sporting it after my shifts.

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