Thursday, February 24, 2011

Management's Attempt at "Workplace Fun"

Two weeks back, 'The Office' had an episode about creating captions for Pam's drawings.  Well, the following day my branch manager sent out an email saying, "Hey, check out the picture of the baby cheetah on the break room door and write a funny caption!"  Are the two instances related --- highly.  Did the whole branch participate in the library version --- nope.

It was pretty depressing, the branch manager ended up writing her own caption a week later after no one else stepped up.  My coworker was going to write down, "Derp!"  but she never did.  My idea was to go down the LolCats route (if all else fails, resort to cat humor) and write down, "Wutz Cheez?"

In fact, if this stupid picture is still up tomorrow, I am definitely writing down my caption and I am going to make my coworker write down hers as well.

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