Thursday, February 10, 2011

Micromanaging One Bookdrop at a Time...

First off I apologize for the crappiness of the picture, it was taken using my old Blackberry.

I used to work a holiday book drop here and there back in the day when you would get paid extra, but not anymore.  I worked this particular book drop with my then partner-in-crime.

Before this took place, all of the managers discussed the fact that two of the youngest circ staff would be working that drop. Which is pretty much the equivalent of your parents talking about if it's okay to leave you and your teenage sibling home alone for the weekend.  And then your parents finally decide that you are old enough to handle that responsibility but they ask your next door neighbors to keep an eye on you.  The library equivalent for this was that one of the librarians stopped by to finish her work.  Really??  A public librarian coming in on her paid day off to "finish work."  Yeah, I really believe that.

Reverse age discrimination is what I call it.  Who is to say that if two of the older coworkers worked it, they wouldn't have held cock fights in the middle of the info desk?  What would we have done in an empty library sans managers?  Hold a library rave?  Looking back we should have and I would have made bank on cover charges.

We never were able to get the book stack to reach the ceiling.

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