Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Freaky in the Stacks...

Police: Pair involved in sex act in library stairwell

Okay, so they weren't getting busy in the 613.9 section of the stacks, but an 18 year old female and an unnamed male were caught with their pants down by police in a library stairwell in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I'm fairly certain that the female was not in the right state of mind due to her fornicating in a public library to begin with, so no shocker that when the cops confronted them she 'booked' it (harharhar) without her pants, shoes, and uhm--underwear to avoid being arrested.  She was later found in a bathroom.

Thankfully, my only close encounters with these similar scenarios involved first base.


  1. Really? We've caught adults and teens having sex at our library.

  2. I think all of the hormonally charged patrons in our system must frequent other branches, I've been told stories, lots of them.