Thursday, March 31, 2011

MLIS Progress: Beginning of the End...

Question: Why is it that near the end of every semester professors decide to assign all of the projects and assignments at the same time?

Man, FUNK DAT!  Enough with the busy work!

If you don't get the early 90's reference, well, Google it if you're that curious.

This week marked the beginning of the end of my illustrious MLIS journey.  If all goes well, I have registered for my last two semesters (this summer and fall).  Apparently they are not offering Home Ec so I had to settle for Collection Development.

Exactly one year ago I was in my first semester and now I am half a librarian, maybe closer to 7/12ths, uhmm, I think, I was never really good with math.  I have learned more about the profession as a whole more than I have about what I can transfer to any librarian position.  More about that later, right now I have to get back to all the busy work I've been assigned.


  1. Oh, I get the FUNK DAT reference, though I enjoyed Beavis and Butthead's version of it.

  2. Thank goodness for the interwebz and Youtube, lol.