Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

Our children's librarian decided that everyone working today should be rocking a Dr. Seuss hat.

It could be worse, my coworker tried volunteering me last night to wear the full Cat in the Hat costume. Mercifully I work the morning shift so the timing worked out for me. Another coworker tried on the suit last night and she was prancing around in the back room. She is so freaking excited about wearing it. I would define her as a "Prop-Librarian;" she doesn't own any holiday themed sweaters, but she'll wear a leprechaun hat for St. Patty's or a star spangled hair band on July 4th.

Her surprising alacrity to sport the Cat in the Hat costume leaves me to believe that she's a closet furry (don't Google that, it's really NSFW, that and you won't be able to get the images out of your head).


  1. I love celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday at my library, but I'd rather die than wear the Cat costume.

  2. Miss ML,

    I know how bad the library budget is and I am pretty sure that dry cleaning the Cat in the Hat costume was one of the first things to be slashed.
    Not only must my crazy coworker be a closet furry, but she must have also lost her sense of smell.