Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Not a Competition... But I'd Be Winning.

There's a new battle in my library and it isn't for funding.
It's for all out breakroom door supremacy and the ish just got real.
My coworkers posted what they thought were "funny" and "cute" pictures they've come across --- pretty weaksauce if you ask me. I took it up several notches with my picture on the right. It makes you laugh, cry, and angry all at the same time!
My coworker said that, "It's on," and that she's going to post a better picture --- psshhhh, I think not. Mine contains the "Library Trifecta" = Cats + Books + Cuteness.


  1. I got a pretty good response with this one. Although it only works for people who work in libraries. http://i.imgur.com/R3Z8Q.jpg

  2. If only that cat were wearing an adorable cat themed sweater...

  3. KMAZ,
    Nice one! Safe to assume you're a Redditor as well, eh?

    That just wrinkled my brain.